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Intensive cooling system IKi3000

Unbeatably efficient

The IKi3000 will always keep a cool head where efficiency and quality of your products are concerned. The cooling time reduction by up to 75% not only saves time and energy but also permits fastest passage through the critical temperature range for germ growth. It's a real improvement in hygiene and durability!

IKi3000 - 3 trolleys
IKi3000 - 3 trolleys

Advantages at a glance

  • Cooling times reduced by up to 75%
  • Longer durability thanks to fastest passage through the critical temperature range for germ growth
  • Less weight loss
  • Less water consumption
  • Additional steam cooking possible
  • Optionally available with brine circuit
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to construction kit system
  • For processes with just-in-time production
COOLING SYSTEMS IKi3000IKi3000IKi3000IKi3000
Standing surface HP (W × D)cm151 × 356151 × 466151 × 576151 × 686
Height at the heating type EL/HP, bodycm273273273273
Minimum room height HPcm450450450450
Recommended room height HPcm500500500500
Smoke trolley dimensions (H × W × D)cm198 × 104 × 102198 × 104 × 102198 × 104 × 102198 × 104 × 102
Max. stick lengthcm100100100100


IKi3000 - 5 trolleys
IKi3000 - 5 trolleys
IKi3000 - 5 trolleys - with open side wall and trolley
IKi3000 - 5 trolleys - with open...
FESSMANN intensive cooling - gentle treatment of your resources
FESSMANN intensive cooling - gentle...
IKi3000 - air flow within the chamber
IKi3000 - air flow within the...
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