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Our objectives and motivation

"I am certain that the recipe and convincing technology with high reliability are the factors of success for good sausage." - Uli Fessmann

Strategic procurement as a chance

320 suppliers and 7000 different purchased parts! Although strategic procurement concepts are a tough challenge, they provide major advantages for the production flow of our systems for smoking, cooking, roasting and cooling.

Wir leben Service!

Service is a vocation, rather than a profession!

Fessmann is represented in 60 countries around the world with 50 partners. The FESSMANN service has the task of offering the best support to our partners and customers at any time. Spare parts service, online support and field service are the three...

Die Fleischerei Timm setzt auf modernste Technik zur Qualitätssicherung

Volle Transparenz bis auf den Teller

Durch immer strengere Vorschriften zur Qualitätssicherung in der Lebensmittelverarbeitung hat sich die lückenlose Kontrolle und die permanente Gewinnung und Auswertung von Daten zu einem eigenen Tätigkeitsfeld entwickelt.

TF4000 - Die vollautomatisierte Be- und Entladung steigert die Effizienz der Anlage enorm

Continuous solutions for the processing of pork belly

The demand of continuous production lines with automated loading and unloading devices is currently rising worldwide. The main reason for this development is the processors’ strive for highest capacities on smallest space, the saving of personnel...


Innovative solutions for specific demands

If you work in the international sale of machinery for the food industry, you will get in touch with many special requirements for processing machinery. And these requirements change between different regions immensely. Because at FESSMANN the...