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FESSMANN T1900 - Universal Smokehouse

The FESSMANN T1900 is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized companies: In spite of the minimal space demand thanks to a compact design, the system can live up to the "big" FESSMANN models in terms of technology and performance!

FESSMANN T3000 - Universal Smokehouse

The T3000 by FESSMANN is one of the most successful universal systems for thermal food processing in the world. It permits the cost-efficient production of high quantities in best and uniform quality.

FESSMANN Ti3000 - Industrial System

The industrial system Ti3000 by FESSMANN uses its central aggregate technology without alternating dampers to achieve fastest process times - and provides up to 1,5 % more yield than comparable systems!

FESSMANN Ti7000 - Universal Smokehouse

The universal smokehouse Ti7000 delivers impressive quality in impressive time! The special air guidance flap of the system ensures that the same conditions prevail everywhere in the system at any time during the process, even with double-row loading.

FESSMANN TFi3000 - Semi Continuous System

The FESSMANN TFi3000 combines flexible batch production with an automated transport system for minimum staff requirements. The fully pneumatic system provides highest hygiene standards & capacities at lowest maintenance efforts!

FESSMANN RotathermCarat - Baking System

The RotathermCarat uses its special rotation technology to treat products unifromly at up to 250 °C. Due to its extra fast process times, the amortisation of the machine is possible within 6 months by weight-loss savings only!

FESSMANN CLIMA LiNE - Maturing System

The CLIMA.LiNE is available in versions for maturing or pure drying / post-ripening processes. The machine is designed for craftsmen and is particularly suitable for mixed loads.

F.LOADER - Automation system for the TF4000.

The F.LOADER is FESSMANN's innovative system for the fully automated, contiunous production of sausages. The modular design makes it possible to adapt the F.LOADER exactly to the required capacity - no space is wasted! By dispensing with robots, the system is extremely fail-safe and can easily be serviced by your own in-house technician.


Duration 04:05

The multifunctional TF4000 by FESSMANN combines the basic elements of meat processing: Drying, smoking, cooking, cooling. 

Release Date 2017-06-21

The multifunctional TF4000

Duration 03:11

The multifunctional TF4000 by FESSMANN combines the basic elements of meat processing: Drying, smoking, cooking, cooling. In the continuous transfer plant, products pass through several heat treatment and cooling zones and exit the machine packaging-ready. The fully automated working principle ensures highest yields and the best product quality!

Release Date 2017-06-22